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The electrical system in your home is composed of a number of different important components, but the only two you’ll regularly come into contact with are your outlets where you plug things in, and the switches which turn some of those outlets on and off. Logically, these heavily-used components are some of the first to wear out and experience problems, and that means it’s not uncommon to have to replace them at some point. Likewise, there may come a time where you need to change how your electrical system works, including adding new switches or outlets to places where they didn’t exist previously, or moving existing ones to a more convenient location.

At Reddick & Sons Inc., our Northern Virginia electricians can help you with all your switch and outlet service needs. Our skilled electricians learn what you need and then develop a personalized, practical plan for making it happen as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We handle all of your switch and outlet service needs, ranging from the smallest issues like repairs and replacements to more complex services that ensure your home stays safe and functions exactly like you want it to. And we do all of this while offering a customer service experience that isn’t matched anywhere else.

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Switch & Outlet Repair

Do you have a light in your home that seemingly flickers for no reason? This usually isn’t because of a dying lightbulb or defective connection—it’s usually a sign of an intermittent switch. Switches function with small electrical leads that turn on lights when they make contact. Over time, these contacts corrode, reducing their ability to allow electricity to flow, thus causing dimming or flickering lights.

We can handle the following outlet and switch services:

  • Outlet & switch testing
  • Outlet & switch replacement
  • Outlet & switch installation
  • Outlet & switch relocation

The problem also could be related to an electrical outlet—as the plug ages, the electrical contacts both corrode and become loose. If an outlet is loose and anything you plug into it tends to fall out easily, then you probably need to repair the damaged outlet.

Signs You Need a Repair

There are some ways you can tell if a switch or outlet needs serviced. We’ve already briefly touched on two of them—a loose plug or flickering light. However, there are other ways you can tell as well. If you experience any of these issues, you should contact us right away and get your electrical problem fixed.

Call us if you have any of the following symptoms in your home:

  • Light switches which are inexplicably warm
  • Outlets or light switches which emit a low, soft hum
  • Outlets or switches which are discolored or show signs of burning
  • Outlets which emit a small spark when you plug something in

New Switch & Outlet Installation

Do you need a new switch installed for that new lighting fixture? What about a new outlet that’s closer to where you’re actually going to need electricity? We can help with both! Our switch installation services can put any outlet in your home on a switch, including brand new outlets! We can install new outlets as well, including those which are child-safe or loaded with features like USB ports for rapid phone charging right from your wall!

Make sure your outlets or switches are safely and properly serviced by a professional; contact Reddick & Sons Inc. today!

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