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Blogs from June, 2017

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Get Ready for the Summer Heat: Make sure Your Air Conditioning is in Shape!

It’s the start of the summer, and you’re likely considering how best to create a comfortable environment your home for the coming months.

With the temperatures set to rise incrementally, your air conditioning systems should be in peak condition to help you respond.

In this latest post, we’ll explore several tips for getting your air conditioning in optimal condition for the coming summer.

Book Professional Inspection

The first part of the analysis process for your air conditioning system is to book an inspection of your unit from professionals.

Professionals can help you to determine if there are any structural issues with the unit.

They can also ensure you’re making best use of your conditioning system by showing the best practices for your unique product.

In addition, they can guide you on routine maintenance processes such as filter replacement, which can help your air conditioner run efficiently throughout the summer.

Consider Replacement

Often, the cost to replace an older unit is less than the savings that could accrue over the long-term from a new system.

Many homes are still fitted with older model air conditioning units that simply cannot push the requisite amount of air into the home to cool the area.

This means that the home never reaches the optimal cool temperature for your family.

It also means that you’re wasting more and more energy while achieving limited cooling results.

Review newer models that could be added to your home.

The latest EnergyStar rated systems can save you thousands of dollars on cooling over their machine lifetime.

Review Thermostat Performance

Many homeowners still have little understanding of the ideal performance of their thermostats.

They don’t moderate the use of their thermostat when the home is empty.

This can leave them spending thousands of dollars on cooling with little tangible return.

When booking your inspection with a professional, make sure they guide you on the use of your home thermostat.

It’s important to consider how the thermostat is being used to cool rooms throughout the home.

For example, if the basement isn’t being used, you can mitigate the flow of cool air to the space and focus solely on the upstairs.

This will ensure you’re using your air conditioning unit to its peak performance potential.

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