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Blogs from March, 2018

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There is no such thing as a good plumbing-related emergency in your Manassas, VA home. The good news? With the right tools, knowledge, and professional plumbing assistance, any common plumbing emergency can be overcome with as little stress and hassle as possible.

Our top priority is the functionality and safety of your home’s plumbing system, so use this guide to 4 common plumbing-related emergencies to know what you should expect if they occur:

#1: Overflowing Toilet

Overflowing ToiletOverflowing toilets are a major disruption in the everyday functioning of a home, especially in those with small children.

To avoid the obstruction of your toilet’s plumbing line or main sewer line, take the following precautions:

  • Never flush too much bathroom tissue or waste at once.
  • Always make sure that small children are attended to in the bathroom so that they do not flush items like toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, or other non-flushable objects.
  • Make sure that kitchen and bathroom waste is disposed of correctly. Most kitchen waste cannot be flushed, and some bathroom waste (dental floss and feminine hygiene products, for example) are also non-flushable items.

#2: Blocked Drains

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms in your Manassas, VA home?

  • A strong sulfur-like smell.Hand Holding a Toilet Plunger
  • Overflowing drains or pipes.
  • An extremely slow draining sink.

If so, there may be a build-up of grime, debris, and scum in your bathroom or kitchen drain that must be removed.

These obstructions cannot be completely removed with commercial chemical drain cleaner, as these are only temporary solutions.

Rather, a drainage specialist can use the latest plumbing technologies to safely and effectively remove these obstructions and get your drains sparkling clean once again.

#3: Burst Pipes leak in piping

A burst pipe can quickly cause excessive and costly water damage in your home.

If you notice any of the following signs of a burst pipe, make sure that you turn off your water supply and call a plumbing professional immediately:

An extremely high water bill: Were you shocked when you opened your latest water bill? If your water bill suddenly increases without a logical explanation, you may have a burst pipe in your home and not know it.

This burst pipe could be under your home or causing damage to the structural integrity of your home.

Mysterious water puddles: Finding a puddle of water in your home is not only a nuisance but can point to a burst pipe that you were previously unaware of.

When you find a puddle of water, attempt to find the source of the puddle and get in touch with a plumbing professional who can repair or replace a burst pipe.

#4: Leaky FixturesDripping faucet

Leaky plumbing is a common occurrence within homes. Whether it’s your kitchen faucet that has a recurring drip or a showerhead that is lacking water pressure, a leaky fixture can become a hassle for homeowners.

Although a leaky fixture may not seem like a cause for distress, they can quickly become a much larger problem. Upon experiencing any of the above common plumbing emergencies, it’s easy to feel hassled and stress. However, with the right plumbing expertise and knowledge, any plumbing-related issue can be solved with ease.

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