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Blogs from September, 2017

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When the word plumbing is mentioned, most people are quick to think of complex systems of steel pipes, drains, and flushing toilets. However, did you know that plumbing has been in existence since the 18th century?

Although your rimless toilet may seem reasonable, history will make you appreciate the fact that ancient people only had access to pit latrines and toilets made of wood. Here are some facts about the history of indoor plumbing:

Ancient Civilizations

The Indus Valley Civilization existed around 3300 BC and consisted of parts of India, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Being an intelligent population, this culture created the world’s first sanitation and supply devices. They also came up with hydraulic engineering, not to forget, the first system of flush toilets. The toilets were fitted in homes and had a shared sewage pipe.

The Iranians and Persians created networks known as qanats. These were similar to Roman aqueducts and are still being used today.

Rome and Egypt Plumbing Advancements

The Egyptians were crafty and innovative. While they are famous for building pyramids, only a few people know about the bathrooms and tubs they built inside.

The copper pipes were used to supply water into the tombs as well as drain wastewater into the sewer. Any leftover water was used to irrigate their crops.

Plumbing in Rome could be mistaken for modern-day plumbing. Famous for the creation of the aqueduct system, the Romans had engineers who were familiar with similar systems in Greece and Etruria.

Due to their history of poor water quality, Rome had 13 aqueducts and a sophisticated sewer system. Furthermore, the Romans are credited for Cloaca Maxima, a sanitation artifact of the ancient world that is still in use.

New Plumbing Trends

-High-Tech Toilets

The latest technology in Manassas, VA makes it easy for you to flush your toilet without having to use your hands. Moreover, you can now enjoy heated seats when you walk into the washroom.

Self-cleaning toilets is another new trend. All you need to do is place a tub in the toilet and the system will work to get your toilet clean in no time.

-Tubs and Showers

You can now enjoy a digital shower panel that allows you to control the steam, pressure, and temperature of your water. If you love singing in the bathroom, you can now find built-in Bluetooth technology that allows you to listen to your favorite tunes.

The latest tubs also have no shower surround, and you can have a custom-made standalone tub. Find mood-enhancing lighting and massage jets meant to make your experience memorable.

-Brain Pipes

Brain pipes allow you to conserve natural resources and also reduce your water footprint. These pipes can help prevent damage caused by leaks. With their ability to detect the location of a leak or breakage, you can now save a fortune in repairs and replacements.

Plumbing has over the years evolved to accommodate different needs and tastes. The availability modern plumbing technology has not only made life easier, but it has also contributed to a cleaner environment.

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