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Blogs from October, 2017

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When buying your next home, you’re likely hoping to stay in the property for a long time and to settle with your family. But there are a number of structural issues that can prevent a comfortable time in your new property.

And in this latest post, we’ll help guide you on how to find the right property for you. Follow these tips and tricks to save money when investing in a new home in Manassas, VA.

Consider the Insulation

The insulation levels in your home will determine how much you’re paying for energy over the coming years.

If the insulation levels are not of the requisite standard, then you could find you’re losing money each month. You might also find that cool air enters the home more easily over the wintertime, and it becomes more difficult to retain cool comfort in the summer.

Make sure you discuss the home’s insulation with the homeowner and ask how often the area has been maintained over the years.

Flip All Switches During the Open House

During the open house event, you’ll have the opportunity to review the home and look at its structure to determine whether it offers the requisite value.

One area many home buyers fail to consider during the open house is the switches found around the home. Ask the homeowner if they can flip the switches to show you that the home’s electric power is performing to optimal capacity.

This is particularly important for big-ticket items such as the air conditioner. Ask them to show you the switch for the air conditioner and then turn it on to showcase performance. This can help you to minimize your maintenance expenditure after you move into the property.

Have a Home Inspection Completed

One of the best ways to avoid moving into a new home with significant structural issues to ensure the property undergoes an inspection.

Hire a local home inspector to review all major elements in the home before you buy. They will review the HVAC systems, the electrical work, and the foundation and can help to save you thousands of dollars in maintaining and repairing your new home in future.

Take the tips from this article into full consideration next time you’re shopping for a new home. You’ll save money and live more comfortably in a home with the ideal structural performance.

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