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Blogs from December, 2016

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The holiday season is supposed to be a time when families come together to celebrate traditions and spend time together. But just imagine if you had the entire family over this holiday season and found that some plumbing disaster was trying to ruin your good time.

And while not every emergency can be foreseen, it is possible to avoid many plumbing headaches that could plague your holiday celebrations.

To make sure that your family get-togethers this year are as stress-free as possible, simply follow a few tips to prevent these common issues around the house.

Having Water That’s Too Slow Out of the Tap

There are lots of times when you will need a strong stream of water, including when guests are showering, when people are washing their hands, or when dishes are being cleaned. And if you don't have enough water pressure, it will make everything very inconvenient. Many things can cause low water pressure, and here's what you should look for:

  • A water shutoff valve that has been closed slightly
  • A small blockage in the faucet head
  • A larger blockage somewhere else in the line
  • A faulty hot water pump
  • A burst pipe somewhere in the house

High Energy Bills from an Uninsulated Water Heater and Pipes

Insulating your water heater tank and pipes will save you money and energy by reducing the amount of heat lost through the tank and pipes.

It will also allow you to turn down the temperature of the tank while maintaining the temperature of the water coming out of the faucet. And best of all, it will reduce the waiting time for hot water throughout the house.

Money and energy benefits: Extra insulation could reduce your energy bill by over 15 percent.

Coming Home to a Flooded House or Basement

Going away on a winter holiday is a special treat or family tradition for many people, but there are things you have to do before you go to prepare your house. To save money, you will want to turn down your thermostat. Just make sure you don't set it lower than 55 F. Otherwise there is a risk that your pipes will freeze and burst.

Similarly, wintertime also creates the opportunity for your sump pump extension hose to freeze, which can lead to bursts and flooding in your basement. To prevent this, simply remove the hose once the temperatures hit freezing, and especially before you go on vacation. It’s rare that your pump will kick on in winter, but make sure you replace it before the spring thaw.

Frozen Outdoor Valves

Before the cold weather sets in, turn off the water to the outside valves. This will prevent the faucet from freezing and the fixture from breaking, and protect the valve from damage.

Even though the holidays are usually pretty hectic, they aren't meant to be a time of disasters in the house. And whether you’re hosting this year or taking a tropical getaway, you can help yourself to a headache-free holiday by avoiding these plumbing issues in the house. And if any emergencies do crop up, call Reddick and Sons, Inc., located in the Bristow, VA, at (703) 348-9881 at any time of day or night for assistance.

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