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Blogs from November, 2016

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Becoming educated on the truths behind popular plumbing myths is a necessity for any existing or new homeowner. Here are some popular plumbing myths with surprising truths behind them:

“Plungers Can Fix Any Clog.”

The truth is, as handy as plungers are to have around a home, they are not the only tool that professional plumbers use to address a clog. Plungers are only effective at removing minor clogs close to the entrance of a pipe from a drain. For moderate to major clogs, or even minor blockages further down a pipeline, a plunger will not be effective at removing the obstruction. If your plunger is not clearing a clog in your drain, contact a plumber to efficiently locate and remove the blockage.

“My Water Heater Can’t Explode.”

Water heaters can – and will – explode if a malfunction occurs with the pressure inside the heated tank. Water heaters are highly pressurized appliances, and this pressure is regulated by a temperature-pressure (TPR) valve.

If you find that your water heater is quickly increasing in pressure, immediately find a hot water tap in your home and turn it on to relieve some of this pressure. Once you’ve done this, attempt to locate the turn-off switch on the water heater and shut down the appliance. Contact your local water heater experts immediately to find the cause of this increase in pressure, and to safely fix the problem.

“A Leaky Faucet Isn’t That Bad.”

A small faucet leak can quickly cost you a big amount of money, along with waste a large amount of water unnecessarily. A steady faucet leak can waste up to $20 worth of water quickly.

Since water enters a house under pressure, faucets and taps must be able to maintain a watertight barrier to hold back the water. Try tightening the washers on your taps and faucets. If this does not effectively solve the issue permanently, get a plumbing professional in to take a look and assist you in fixing the leak.

“If Water Is Going Down a Drain, There is No Blockage.”

Water being unable to completely drain into a pipe is not the only sign of a blockage in a plumbing system. Other symptoms of a clog include:

  • A drain is emitting a foul smell from within.
  • Water is draining unusually slowly.
  • There is a water back-up in a line somewhere in a house. Check the bathtub and basement drains regularly.

Any of these issues point to a clogged pipe somewhere in a drain system. Plumbing professionals should be contacted at any point that a homeowner suspects a blockage – especially since the clog could be located in a main line, which is a major issue that needs to be addressed by experts.

“Critters Can’t Swim Up a Pipe.”

Small creatures can, indeed, find their way up a pipe. Frogs, rats, and other small animals who enjoy damp and dark environments tend to be attracted to sewer systems, and indirectly into a home’s plumbing system. Events of small critters appearing in people’s tubs, toilets, and sinks have occurred all over the globe.

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