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Blogs from December, 2017

Reddick & Sons, Inc.

When faced with the prospect of a home renovation, many people wish they could just leave and go on a holiday until the whole thing is over.

However, as it can be quite expensive to stay in a hotel and inconvenient for relatives to put you up, the best option for many seems to be to stay in the home and try to weather through the noise, lack of services and foul odors that often accompany a renovation.

However, although you can plan your lifestyle so that the constant hammering, drilling, and sounds of walls being knocked down don’t interrupt your day, you do have to make a plan when it comes to managing the pollution levels of your indoor air.

That is because the process of renovation jettisons all kinds of dust, particles, and fibers into the air and many floor strippers, glues, and varnishes contain toxic chemicals that can seriously harm your health and even lead to brain damage or death.

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