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Blogs from January, 2017

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You’re likely concerned about the coming wintery weather and its impact on your home. Most homeowners don’t have a winter maintenance process planned. But you do need to consider how you’re going to combat the cooling temperatures as they continue to arrive over the coming months. Our in-house heating experts have many years’ experience in this area and in this latest post we’ll present to you four surefire tips to help you stay warm this winter.

1 - Undergo Heating Systems Analysis

Most homeowners don’t have a clear understanding on the performance of their heating equipment. And so, you might not recognize problems with your heating systems until it’s too late. That’s why it’s imperative you speak with a heating specialist at the earliest opportunity.

They can analyze your heater, and the vents in your home, to determine whether the system is reaching peak capacity. They can also help you save thousands of dollars on future repairs by fixing problems before they cause the breakdown of the system.

2 - Take Control of Your Thermostat

Your home thermostat is designed to help you maintain tight control over the temperature in the property. But many aren’t using the system to its peak capacity. Try to automate the home heating process by using the thermostat to control the heat in the home during the day.

When everyone’s at work, the temperature can be a few degrees lower. And then you can raise the temperature ready for the family to arrive back home. By using the thermostat as designed, you can minimize your home heating costs significantly this winter.

3 - Clean the Air Ducts

Maintaining home heating efficiency requires you to minimize the number of restrictions in your home air ducts. Your home furnace can only keep pushing air through as long as the path to the rooms is clear. Any dust or contaminants in the system can prevent the optimal level of heat from being produced.

This will mean that your home temperature isn’t at the warmest levels required, and your furnace will be under significant strain. Ensure your air ducts are cleaned this winter to keep warm air flowing throughout the home.

4 - Seal in the Air

Once you have air flowing throughout the home, you’ll need to ensure the heat stays inside. This means adding more insulation where required and sealing areas in door and window frames in which warm air can escape.

Working with qualified home heating specialists can help you safeguard your property against the winter weather this year. To discuss further techniques for heating your property, call Reddick & Son's in Bristow, VA at 703-570-5000 Professionals are standing by to offer their guidance.

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